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It Takes A Village: Assisting the Toco Secondary School with Remote Learning


Toco Secondary School, as every other school in the Toco region and in Trinidad and Tobago, will be reopening remotely on 14 September 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Education has designated two categories for remote learning for Term I 2020/21: Category 1 – online learning and Category II – printed packages.

The Toco Times has been informed that community assistance in the form of donating services or items to the school, and/or to students will be welcomed by the school. According to the school’s administration, online learning will take place primarily on the Google Classroom and Zoom platforms. As with many other schools that are working quickly to pivot into this new normal of schooling, Toco Secondary School is in need of assistance to make this transition smoother and more efficient for all involved.

The publication has been informed that the following service or items are currently needed:

Category 1 Needs

  • Tablets or Laptops (new or used)
  • Google Classroom or Zoom tutorials for beginners (to prepare students)
  • Internet service (via internet cafes and community centres)
  • IT Tech (to assist teachers) 

Category II Needs

  • Printing Paper
  • Envelopes

Community organizations, individuals, small businesses, and other institutions in the community with the means of assisting are urged to reach out to the school to discuss how you’re able to assist. It truly takes a village to help facilitate the growth of the young people in the community. The Toco Secondary School can be reached at tocosecondary at gmail dot com or on Toco Secondary Facebook.


***The Toco Times will continue to release Toco-specific information as it relates to our local schools and students throughout the pandemic. 

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