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9 Small Businesses in Toco to Check Out This Summer

The year 2020 has already been one for the books – and we’re only halfway through. With the pandemic looming and no end in sight, many businesses have been hit hard, particularly small businesses. We may not be able to have another carefree Caribbean summer, but we can continue to boost our community’s economy safely during this time. Here’s a list of a few small businesses in the Toco region to support this summer.

Miller’s Landscaping
For your landscaping needs.
Owner: Alrick Miller
Location: Toco
Contact: 1(868) 375 – 2027 /
Social: None
Delivery? N/A

Photo by Tiago Aguiar/Unsplash
Photo by Ella Olsson/Pexels

Hambug Growers
Fresh agricultural produce personally delivered in the Toco Proper area.
Owner: Ramsey Richards/Nicole Voisin
Location: Hambug Trace, Toco
Contact: 1(868) 302-5317/328-2422
Social: None
Delivery? Yes

Grande Riviere Chocolate Company
Chocolate products made from cocoa grown in the village
Owner: Grande Riviere Nature Tour Guides Association
Location: Grand Riviere, Toco
Contact: 1(868) 359 – 2478 /
Social: @granderivierechocolate (IG)
Delivery? No

Photo by Pixabay
Photo by The Original Sea Moss/Facebook

The Original Toco Sea Moss
Local sea moss from the shores of Toco.
Owner: Christian McKain
Location: Trois Roches Village, Toco  Contact: 1 (868) 361 – 7992
Social:@the_original_toco_seamoss (FB)/(IG)
Delivery?: Yes

Michelle’s Lunches
Food and drinks daily
Owner: Annifer Michelle Bacchus
Location: Toco
Contact: 1(868) 266 – 5711
Social: None
Delivery? Yes

Photo by Rumman Amin/Unsplash
Photo by Zee’s Cleaning Supplies/Facebook

Zee’s Cleaning Supplies
A small business that provides the leading brands in household cleaning supplies. Have these products delivered to your front door.
Owner: Zakiya Mc Eachnie-Graham
Location: Grande Riviere, Toco
Contact: 1 (868) 340-4610/
Social: Zee’s Cleaning Supplies (FB)/(IG)

Decky’s Shop
Welding and small engine repairs.
Owner: Dexter Mendez
Location: Pepper Hill, Toco
Contact: 1 (868) 469-2620
Social: None
Delivery?: N/A

Photo by Russ Ward/Unsplash
Photo by Frans Van Heerden/Pexels

Palm Tree Stationery
Local bookshop.
Owner: Petal Taylor
Location: Toco
Contact: 1 (868) 348-2095/ 770-2611
Social: None
Delivery? Yes

Library and Internet Cafe
WiFi facilities and library located in central Toco.
Owner: Elton Prescot/Miguel Pierre
Location: Toco
Contact: 1 (868) 766-6594/797-6964
Social: None
Delivery?: N/A

Photo from Indiegogo


  1. Malkah Malkah August 9, 2020

    Grande Reveire chocolate company. I like their cocoa nibs. Makes the best cocoa tea ever.

  2. Brenda Jennings Brenda Jennings August 9, 2020


  3. Roz Cook Roz Cook August 10, 2020

    Looks very beautiful

    • Caton Caton August 11, 2020

      Welding and small engine repairs by owner Dexter Mendez:
      Professionalism and courtesy you can’t deny!

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